Penarth Lodges Installation & Association Nights

Lodge No                      Installations                                         Association Nights

Penarth 4113                4th Tuesday September

Crystal 8713                 3rd Monday October
Wings 8651                  2nd Thursday October

Windsor 1754              1st Friday November
Dinas Powis 5997                                                                        2nd Wednesday November
St Cecilia 8748                                                                             4th Monday November

Clive 6973                                                                                     3rd Tuesday December

Dinas Powis 5997       2nd Wednesday January
Services 7139               3rd Thursday January

Windsor 1754                                                                               1st Friday February
Wings 8651                                                                                   2nd Thursday February
Crystal 8713                                                                                 4th Monday February

Clive 6973                    3rd Tuesday March
Dinam 4521                                                                                  4th Thursday March

Services 7139                                                                                3rd Thursday April

St Cecilia 8748            2nd Wednesday May
Penarth 4113                                                                                4th Tuesday May

Dinam 4521                 3rd Saturday June

For further information, or to book in for meals, please email lodgename @ penarthmasonichall . co uk

For example services @ penarthmasonichall.co.uk

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